Novel North came into being one blustery afternoon.  Browsing through some old family albums, I noticed many of the photos were of my brother, sister and I standing atop a windswept hill, charging through the woods with sticks, or paddling in the sea in the pouring rain.  I couldn’t help smiling to myself.  No matter the weather, we were always out of doors, exploring.  As young children, my parents loved reading to us.  All of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, the Rupert the Bear annuals, Tintin stories.  So many wondrous adventures awaited us in the evenings.  And on the weekends, those adventures were brought to life…

  • cycling along abandoned railways
  • evening picnics at the top of hills
  • playing hide and seek amongst castle ruins
  • meeting Rupert the Bear
  • riding the sleeper train overnight from London to Edinburgh

Reading and adventuring are intertwined.  Books ignite our imaginations, challenging us to broaden our horizons - experience the world in new and exciting ways.  Here at Novel North our aim is to extend the adventure beyond the pages


with our lovingly designed and sourced collections themed around adventure classics.