If you enjoyed Northern Lights why not try...

If you're anything like me, reading a great adventure story inspires you to want to do more, to know more.  I recently read Northern Lights by Philip Pullman for the third time and was completely caught up in Lyra's quest.  I especially love the mythology of the story and the journey Lyra takes to the North.  At times it's dark and dangerous, but at others it's magical and mesmerising. 

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Beneath the fiction of Northern Lights lies much of our own world, and as such I wanted to recommend two non-fiction books you may enjoy if, like me, you love the world and adventure of Northern Lights.

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Empire Antartica by Gavin Francis

This book embodies adventure.  It's the fascinating tale of Gavin Francis' fourteen months as the base-camp doctor at Halley, the British research station in Antartica.  With much spare time on his hands, Francis explores both physically and figuratively his surroundings, describing the natural phenomena he encounters with vivid majesty.  I underlined much of this book, and often found myself pausing to let it all fully settle in, to let my thoughts run free alongside those of Francis' experiences.

There, in a landscape empty of the human, off the bottom of all the maps I had known as a child, I found the perfect place to read... It was as if the landscape itself was neutral enough to allow the space in which to examine... 
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What We See In the Stars by Kelsey Oseid

What We See In the Stars is beautifully illustrated tour of the night sky.  I love the captivating images, drawing you into the beauty of the stars and beyond.  It's a book that feels so much more than just a book.  Filled with mythology, history and science, you look up from its pages in eager anticipation of experiencing its offerings of wonder and infinities.

To take a moment and gaze up is to connect to an ancient human experience, and can be a great source of wonder and awe.
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