Launching Novel North


Firstly, I really want to thank you for stopping by.  It really means a lot.  Novel North is something I've been working towards for a long time, and something I am very excited finally to be able to share.  And secondly, everything else!  Everything else being nurturing this seed of an idea, drawing it out into something tangible, something more than just my garbled explanation of my vision for what Novel North is and what it can grow to be.

For me, life is about the experience, creating and cherishing wonderful moments and memories.  My hope is that Novel North will act as a boost, an enhancer to those moments; whether it be through the glimpse of a Secret Garden button badge pinned on your bag, which for second reminds you of the wondrous joy of reading and entering into The Secret Garden for the first time; or the scent of the Moby Dick candle transporting you to the high seas, and the peril of feeling alive under the vast sky.

Books offer so much inspiration.  They can extend insights into past lives, articulate the depths of our souls, and above everything else they are always there for you.  They are every part a reminder of what it is to be alive, of what it is to have your own story.

And having said that, this post starts a new chapter in my own, one of which I hope brings Novel North as a character into yours, and you as a character into Novel North's.  So many adventures await and I can't wait to share them with you.

Lorna, Founder

Novel North