Rumblestar by Abi Elphinstone

Rumblestar is wonderful.  More than an adventure, like Bilbo in The Hobbit, it’s also a journey a discovery for Casper, who we meet at the beginning of the book hiding away from a couple of bullies in his boarding school.  Little does Casper know that he’s about to embark on his first great adventure.  Stumbling through a magical portal into the Unmapped Kingdoms he meets determined and brilliant, Utterly Thankless, and together they are tasked with an extraordinary quest.

rumblestar journal post.jpg

Rumblestar inspires and nurtures a sense of adventure.  Vivid, magical and brimming with nature, it’s about embracing our strengths and stepping beyond our perceived limits.  Set in a whimsical and fantastical land, we venture with Casper, Utterly and Arlo (a tiny dragon, who I wish could accompany me on all my adventures), through a castle in the clouds, along white water rapids and into a snowy forest of towering trees.  Their journey is wondrous  and treacherous, they meet obstacles, many of which Casper doesn’t believe they can overcome, but as he and Utterly continue on, he begins to realise that with friendship and self-belief he can accomplish so much more than he could have imagined.

I love this story.  The characters are wonderful, the landscapes imaginative, the humour laugh out loud funny, and the adventure inviting.

Rumblestar is available for purchase in the Novel North bookshop.